Responding to the Rise in Racism Masterclass – Friday 17 March 2017

This masterclass will explore a range of practical approaches and interventions designed to prevent and respond appropriately to racist incidents. Having an active anti-racist agenda in our schools supports the most vulnerable and prepares our children to be part of the multicultural world they are growing up in.

Be inspired by our keynote speakers, Richard O’Neill award winning, ‘National Literacy Hero’, storyteller from the GRT community. Sgt Sally Kingdon and Sue Stratton from Devon & Cornwall Police have teamed up with Jo Hopper from Devon County Council to discuss hate crime and how you can deal and report these issues. The Babcock LDP EMTAS Team will focus on racism and provide strategies and resources to take back to the classroom. To end the day we have an inspirational keynote by a Syrian refugee, speaking of their remarkable journey to the UK.

Feedback from schools shows us that post-Brexit racism is on the rise. Many teachers are unsure of how to recognise racism, how to prevent it and how to deal with it. The EMTAS team are committed to the safeguarding of all our BME (including GRT/EAL) children.

A high number of pupils have expressed their concern at feeling isolated, worried and scared by the racism that they have experienced in schools and local communities. Our role within education is to provide the support to ensure pupils feel welcome, safe and included.

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