Supporting secondary schools to deliver effective Sex and Relationships Education (SRE)

High quality SRE helps create safe school communities in which pupils can grow, learn, and develop positive, healthy behaviour for life.

It is essential for the following reasons:
• Children and young people have a right to good quality education, as set out in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.
• Children and young people want to be prepared for the physical and emotional changes they undergo at puberty, and young people want to learn about relationships. Older pupils frequently say that sex and relationships education was ‘too little, too late and too biological’. Ofsted reinforced this in their 2013 –‘ Not Yet Good Enough’ report.
• SRE plays a vital part in meeting schools’ safeguarding obligations. Ofsted is clear that schools must have a preventative programme that enables pupils to learn about safety and risks in relationships.
• Schools maintain a statutory obligation under the Children Act (2004) to promote their pupils’ wellbeing; and under the Education Act (1996) to prepare children and young people for the challenges, opportunities and responsibilities of adult life.

A comprehensive SRE programme can have a positive impact on pupils’ health and wellbeing and their ability to achieve, and can play a crucial part in meeting these obligations.

The Department of Health set out its ambition for all children and young people to receive high quality sex and relationships education in the Sexual Health Improvement Framework (2013), while the Department for Education’s paper The Importance of Teaching (2010) highlighted that ‘Children need high quality sex and relationships education so they can make wise and informed choices’.

Recent research in 11 Devon secondary schools involving over 500+ year 10 young people indicated that they were not happy with the SRE they were currently receiving. Comments included:
• ‘Not received any SRE’.
• ‘Don’t get much information about sex education or relationships’.
• ‘Programmes tend to be promoted more for girls than boys’.
• ‘We have only had SRE since the end of year 10 which we are not happy with’.
• ‘Would like information on where to get advice out of school and where to go for advice when we leave school’.
• ‘We feel the KS4 programme would benefit from consultation with young people to identify the content of the programme’.
• ‘1 lesson on sex education only. Not enough’.
• ‘Programme needs to be age appropriate’
• ‘We girls are concerned about boy’s attitude to relationships. We would like to talk about this’.
• ‘Schools need to dedicate more time for sex education lessons’.
• Up to date information
• Workshop opportunity to explore aspects of sex and relationships education with colleagues from other schools
There are 2 packages available on this course please select when booking:

PACKAGE 1: Attendance at the course, a course pack, recommended SRE programme for KS3&4 and refreshments.
£75.00 per participant plus VAT at standard rate.

PACKAGE 2 (limited availability): Attendance at the course, a course pack, recommended SRE programme for KS3&4, refreshments and in addition, a resource pack valued at over £500.00 which includes:
• 1 x ‘ready or not tot’,
• 1 x fpa contraception demonstration kit,
• 1 x breast and testicular cancer models,
• 1 x TACADE ‘Keys to sexual health and relationships’ pack,
• 1 x TACADE ‘Sex, drugs and alcohol’ pack,
• 1 set of beer goggles.

£295.00 per participant plus VAT at standard rate+++++please contact Karen Moor by email for this or on 01392 287292++++++

Both packages available to schools outside Devon


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