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M-Cubed: making multiplication memorable

M-Cubed supports the learning of multiplication facts with understanding, using different representations (symbols, language, contexts and images) to focus on structure and connections.

The Babcock LDP primary mathematics team have produced this lovely resource for each of the multiplication tables from 2 to 12.

Each set includes:

  • 130 printable cards containing pictures, mathematical images, symbols and words related to multiplication and division including non-example/error cards
  • a guide book which sets out the thinking behind the cards, the way that understanding connections are supported by the cards and how they support understanding of the structures of multiplication and division
  • 15 activities and games with variations, providing a rich range of ideas for making the best use of the cards
  • prepared slides making the activities instantly accessible for the whole class

Visit our website for more information.


28 January 2019


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