English Assessment at KS3 – Beyond Levels?

Maintaining and tracking students’ progress through KS3 is more important than ever. The absence of level descriptors in the new ‘mastery learning’ version of the National Curriculum brings both challenges and opportunities to the use of assessment for progress in KS3 English.

This course explores the notion of progress in English, how to ‘spot’ it and how to promote it in an engaging way. Key principles will be outlined to support colleagues in making secure, diagnostic assessments of students’ outcomes. These principles are drawn from practice, samples of students’ writing, and some assessment frameworks developed in schools who are trying to move ‘beyond levels’. However, the course will promote a pragmatic approach, encouraging colleagues to draw on tried-and-tested formative assessment methods and frameworks developed in the recent past.
The course is based on specific and systematic approaches designed to promote boys’ progress in writing.


16 January 2015


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