Consultation On School Admission And Transport Arrangements

FAO:Administrators of All LA/Academy Schools

The admission authorities for schools and Local Authorities are required by the School Admissions Code 2012 to consult on changes to their admission arrangements.

Devon County Council consults on all aspects of its admission arrangements including Published Admission Numbers and where there are no proposed changes so that parents, school staff and governors and representatives of the community without a previous interest in admissions have an annual opportunity to review arrangements and make comments and suggestions for improvement.

We are consulting all interested parties on the proposed admission arrangements for 2015-16. We will be consulting with:

  • All primary and secondary schools in the Devon County Council area;
  • Parents of children aged 2-18
  • Community groups
  • Pre-school settings;
  • Our neighbouring local authorities of Cornwall Council, Dorset County Council, Plymouth City Council, Somerset County Council and Torbay Council
  • Members of Devon’s School Organisation, Capital and Admissions Group
  • The local Church of England  and Roman Catholic  Diocese
  • Local Councillors – County, District, Town and Parish
  • MPs
  • Colleagues within Devon County Council

If you are aware of any others who may with to comment, please pass on this information.

In particular, we would be grateful if schools, preschools, and community representatives would mention the consultation in their next newsletters. There is an A5 sized flyer which can be distributed for display on relevant noticeboards. A copy has been sent to every school and a copy will be distributed by colleagues in Early Years at the beginning of next week.

We will ask that every school responds to the consultation.

Where Devon is the admissions authority – community and voluntary controlled schools – the consultation includes arrangements in the body of the co-ordinated admissions schemes. For other schools – foundation, voluntary aided, and academy schools – their own admission arrangements are included where requested. Whilst the co-ordinated admissions schemes for the first intakes into primary and secondary schools have to be consulted on now for 2015-16, we propose to look again at other policies where it would be useful to have a shorter period between consultation and implementation.


The admission arrangements pages include


  • The local authority’s co-ordinated admission schemes for 2015-16
  • The local authority’s in-year co-ordinated admission scheme for 2014-15
  • Oversubscription criteria for schools
  • Links between schools where there is a priority for admission
  • Common Application Forms
  • Admissions policies for schools which are their own admissions authority 2015-16
  • Published Admission Numbers (PANs) for schools
  • Designated (or catchment) areas
  • Education Transport Policy 2014-15
  • Policies and protocols for particular circumstances including the Fair Access Protocol

The consultation is hosted at where there are links to various documents which make up Devon’s proposed arrangements and links to schools’ own proposed policies. The consultation will run from 2 January to 28 February 2014.


Comments can be submitted by post or email to the contact addresses below. We invite you to use the form here as it may help you:




Do you believe the arrangements for the local authority and for schools are reasonable? If not, please comment:



Do you believe the arrangements for the local authority and for schools are clear? If not, please comment:



Do you believe the arrangements for the local authority and for schools are fair? If not, please comment:



Do you believe the arrangements for the local authority or for schools unfairly disadvantage a child from a particular social or racial group? If so, please comment:



Do you believe the arrangements for the local authority or for schools unfairly disadvantage a child with a disability of special educational needs? If so, please comment:



Are you in support of the proposed Fair Access Protocol?


Are you in support of the local authority’s co-ordinated admissions schemes – normal round and in-year?


Do you have any comments regarding the Published Admissions Number for your local school or others?


Do you have any other comments:



Please let us know what interest you have in these arrangements (for example as a parent of a child aged between 2 and 18 or as a community representative or member of any group or organisation):

If this is the formal response from a school, please indicate the school and your role at the school:




1.By post or in person to:

Admission Arrangements Consultation

School Admissions Team

Room L102 County Hall




2.By email to:


If you have any queries about the consultation please contact the School Admissions Team on telephone 01392 383000 or by e-mail to


Kind Regards

Devon School Admissions Team


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"Weeks run from Monday to Sunday. Please note that weeks without communications to schools are ignored and the links will go to the last week where a communication was made in this category."