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Traffic information

Kingskerswell Village


Now that the South Devon Highway is open the number of vehicles on Torbay Road and Newton Road in Kingskerswell has reduced considerably, from 35,000 vehicles each day to just 6,000.

The design of the road has been changed over the years to allow for high volumes of through traffic. Now the majority of through traffic has been removed the road needs to be redesigned to reflect its role as a local village road.

Design drawings

Following a meeting with Kingskerswell Parish Council, and a meeting with the governors of the Church of England Primary School, we have been asked to modify the design to include zebra crossings at Jurys Corner, and the design has now been modified to incorporate these crossings. Copies of the design drawings for Jurys Corner and Water Lane are available below:

Design elements

The following elements are being incorporated into the design:

30mph speed limit
A permanent 30mph speed limit will be introduced, starting just to the south of the Esso Fuel Station and the junction with Southey Lane at the southern end of Kingskerswell, and just to the north of Moor Park Road at the northern end of Kingskerswell.

20mph speed limit
A permanent 20mph speed limit will be introduced to cover Jurys Corner, Water Lane, and the length of road between the two junctions.

Gateways will be introduced at the entry to the 30mph and 20mph speed limits to alert drivers to the lower speed limits. These will use signing and road markings to reduce the width of the road and will incorporate physical road narrowing where possible.

Southey Lane
The footways at Southey Lane will be extended out slightly to improve visibility, and it is intended to allow the right turn out and the left turn in movements.

Jurys Corner
The traffic signals at Jurys Corner will be removed and replaced by zebra crossings on Newton Road. The footways will be substantially widened to reduce the width that pedestrians need to cross, to slow traffic, and to improve visibility from Coffinswell Lane and Barnhill Road. The height of the road will be raised slightly across the junction to further reduce traffic speeds, with ramps at the ends. Parking spaces, with limited waiting, will also be introduced outside the library.

Water Lane
The priority for traffic on Water Lane will remain as it is now, but the footway on the northern side will be extended to reduce traffic speeds and to reduce the width of the junction for pedestrians.

Coles lane
The footways will be widened slightly to reduce the width of the junction and the height of the road will be raised slightly to reduce traffic speeds.

Moorpark Road
The footways will be widened slightly to reduce the width of the junction and the height of the road will be raised slightly to reduce traffic speeds.

Road narrowing
The road will be narrowed throughout its length by widening the cycle lanes, and the centre line will be removed inside the 30mph and 20mph zones. As well as reducing vehicle speeds this will also help to improve the route for cyclists. Two way traffic will be maintained along the entire length of the road.