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Traffic information

Exeter Streets

Heavitree and Whipton

Devon County Council and Exeter City Council are working with the Heavitree and Whipton communities to seek views on the design of their local streets.

We want to make it easier for people to walk and cycle in Whipton and Heavitree and to enjoy moving around the city safely and easily. Another benefit of this is to reduce traffic and carbon emissions.

One of the aims in Devon County Council’s Transport Strategy for Exeter is for 50% of all Exeter journeys to work and education to be made by foot or bicycle by 2030. Similar aims are shared in Exeter City Council’s Carbon Neutral 2030 plan and through the Local Delivery Pilot programme where its vision is to become the most active city in England.

Phase 1

An initial consultation was held through the PlaceBuilder platform in November and December 2020. This aimed to identify the main issues affecting streets in Heavitree and Whipton.

577 unique users responded to the consultation, providing approximately 6,000 poll question answers, 2,000 free text comments, and 600 geotagged comments. Of the various issues discussed, bus stop placement was perceived most positively, whilst the effects of traffic on the area’s attractiveness were perceived very negatively.

For more information on the consultation outcomes, please see the Consultation Update leaflet.

Phase 2

A second phase of consultation will open in July 2021. This will invite feedback on potential solutions to the issues raised in Phase 1.