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Traffic information

Tree safety – North Devon Link Road

What we are doing and why

We are removing trees infected with ash dieback and other trees which are dead, diseased, damaged or insecurely rooted which pose a threat adjacent to this strategic route for the safety of road users.

Work will be carried out at the earliest 1 September to 20 November 2020 with lane closures, temporary traffic lights and road closures. The work will take place during the day and at night.

Trees with ash dieback become unstable and will shed branches and can collapse as the level of infection spreads within the tree.

Collapsing trees, even relatively small ones, into a high-speed road presents a significant hazard to passing vehicles. Therefore, we are removing infected trees within falling distance of the highway.

More information on ash dieback can be found on our dedicated website.


Protecting wildlife

An ecologist will be supervising the work and is making sure all necessary precautions are taken regarding nesting birds, dormice and other wildlife habitats.