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Traffic information

Sherford Main Street phase 2

The scheme

We are building the main link that will connect Deep Lane junction through to Sherford. This will be a key milestone in the delivery of the new community. This one-mile road will provide a route through the development and for local traffic currently using the local lanes to get to the A38.

Please see the following work overview plan.

We aim to start work in spring 2019, finishing by summer 2020. The actual start and completion dates will be dependent upon conditions encountered while on site.

Building the scheme

Devon County Council has developed the scheme with its term engineering consultancy team, Jacobs. Jacobs will oversee the delivery of the work and the construction contractor is Dyer and Butler.

The Sherford Consortium has constructed the first public section of Main Street at the Elburton end of the development, and as shown on the map.

They will build a further section (Scheme B) that will connect to the one-mile section that we are responsible for building (Scheme A).

The roads are being built as a collaborative project and we will work closely with the Sherford Consortium.

The diversion routes will pass through the highway networks managed by Plymouth City Council and Highways England.

Road and lane closures

To safely construct the new junctions with Main Street, we will need to fully close some of the existing roads, whilst work is ongoing. During lane closures, we legally need to provide buffer zones around the working areas to ensure the safety of the travelling public and our workforce.

There will be times when the site is still closed to traffic, with no obvious activity taking place. Examples are when we are waiting for concrete to gain strength or we are in the middle of a work sequence which makes the incomplete work unsuitable for road traffic.

Information relating to the planned closures and traffic management will be posted to properties in the surrounding areas. In addition, advance notices of road closures will be erected in key locations on routes to alert regular users.

Traffic management

LocationType of traffic management and durationTo allow the following work
Road between Sherford Road and Plympton Hill24/7 road closure: 6 February to 17 March 2020Main street tie-in into existing infrastructure along with resurfacing and essential drainage work to the existing highway
Road between East Sherford Cross and Deep Lane24/7 road closure: 6 February to 14 August 2020Tie-in of Main Street junctions into existing highway where part of footprint is shared with Main Street
Butlas Farm Lane24/7 road closure: 6 February to 14 August 2020Tie-in of Main Street junction into the existing highway
Wiverton Access Road24/7 road closure: 27 March to 14 August 2020Main Street tie-in into the existing infrastructure
Deep Lane junction3-way traffic lights: 6 April to 5 August 2020Main Street infrastructure work including earthworks, kerbing and drainage
Deep Lane junctionOvernight road closures: 10 to 14 August 2020Main Street tie-in into the existing infrastructure

Diversion routes

Some diversion routes can appear long as we have a duty to direct traffic along a similar or higher classification road to the one being closed. This is to ensure all traffic, including long and tall rigid vehicles, can safely navigate the diversion route.

Details of current and planned roadworks, road closures and diversion routes can be found on an interactive map on the website. Please note you may need to create an account to view details.

The diversion route will be signed using temporary traffic signs, throughout the duration of any road closure.

Congestion during road closures

Road users may experience higher levels of traffic in the surrounding roads. Although the official diversion routes will be signed, it is likely some regular users in smaller vehicles may prefer alternative routes.

Access to properties within the road closure

We are obliged to provide access to properties within a road closure, when reasonably safe to do so. Particular arrangements, including any emergency access issues, can be agreed with the contractor.

We will write to the properties affected in advance, with the details of the road closures. This will provide an opportunity to discuss concerns and particular arrangements with the contractor’s site team.

Visitors and deliveries can also be provided with access, preferably if prior arrangements can be made with the contractor.

Access to businesses within the road closure

Following some consultation work, we have identified businesses who are likely to be particularly affected in terms of restricted access for staff and customers.

On a case-by-case basis, we will provide measures to help such as allowing reasonable access through the road closure, providing ‘Business open as usual’ signs or creating exclusive temporary accesses.

Please contact us if you feel you may be genuinely disadvantaged during any of the road closure periods and we can discuss what can be done to help.

Traffic regulation orders

Please see the relevant traffic regulation order documents associated with Sherford Main Street:

Construction traffic

Construction traffic, such as workers and deliveries, will use the A38 (eastbound and westbound) and will access the site through the Deep Lane Junction. Our site entrance is off Ridge Road.

As part of the planning permission to construct the work, we are obliged to follow the principles set out in the Traffic Construction Environment Management Plan (TCEMP), which can be accessed through the South Hams planning portal.

As part of the TCEMP, we are required to rectify any damage our construction plant may cause to the local road network, once the work is fully complete.

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