Resilience Fund and Pothole Action Fund work 2018/19

What is the Resilience Fund and Pothole Action Fund?

The £4.4 million Resilience Fund awarded to Devon is a share of the Department for Transport’s (DfT) £100 million nationwide programme for much-needed repairs following the severe winter weather.

The £900,000 Pothole Action Fund was a sum of money received to undertake work on some of Devon’s roads worst affected by potholes.

What are we doing?

The work will vary according to location but will include resurfacing, overlay, machine patching and hand patching.

As well as the work listed above there will be some other associated jobs such as cleaning, ditching and hedge trimming. There may also be some small elements of drainage or haunching works to alleviate specific water-related issues on the road.

Where is the work taking place?

Please see the links for each area below under the headings ‘Resilience Fund and Pothole Action Fund Work’, showing the different sites. Please note that not all advertised sites will be completed in this financial year.

Signs will be erected at the locations at least 7 days before the work is due to start.

Actual dates and diversion information is available at

How were the locations determined?

To ensure the funding is spent in the areas of most need, sites for these two funding streams have been identified both by our local neighbourhood highway officers and from data we have collated following highway inspections relating to pothole frequency.

Who is doing the work?

The work has been awarded to different contractors across the County:

Resilience Fund work

Pothole Action Fund work

What if I live where the work is due to happen?

Each resident and business affected will be notified by advanced signing on site one week prior to the work taking place.

A leaflet/letter advising residents that the work will take place will also be distributed in advance.

In the majority of cases the work will take place between 8.00am and 6.00pm and unfortunately, vehicular access may be restricted during this time. Pedestrian access, however, will be maintained throughout the work.

Who can I contact about any issues?

If you have any concerns or queries during the work, please ask for help from one of the operatives on site. Alternatively, you can make contact prior to the work taking place using the contact number provided on the advanced signing or letter drop.

Is Pothole Action Fund work taking place elsewhere in the county?

Our contractor, Skanska are also carrying out Pothole Action Fund work in other locations countywide. This work, along with any relevant road closures, will be advertised locally.