Exe Bridges resurfacing

A car driving on Exe Bridges in Exeter

Work to resurface Exe Bridges roundabout and an adjoining section of Alphington Street started on 4 March 2019 and it is expected to be completed in approximately 8 weeks. However, the work is weather sensitive and the duration of the scheme may be subject to change.

Resurfacing work is needed as the current condition of the road surface is deteriorating. There are signs of cracking in multiple locations, which allows water to enter the surface and leads to the formation of potholes.

Exe Bridges north Waterproofing

In addition to the resurfacing work, we will also be re-waterproofing the north and south bridge beneath the carriageway to ensure long-term performance of the structure. We will also be undertaking some minor highway work to replace defective manhole covers, gully gratings and kerbs.

Due to the traffic sensitivity of Exe Bridges, the majority of the work is currently planned to be carried out overnight (7.00pm– 7.00am). However, on occasions, we will need to do some work during the day. Every effort will be made to keep the amount of daytime work to a minimum.


Weekend and overnight work

Access to Exe Bridges roundabout will be maintained at all times. However, some of the work will require temporary closures of the entries and exits of the roundabout, with diversion routes in place.

In order to minimise the disruption to the public and road users, the majority of the work will be carried out overnight and at weekends. A list of the sites can be found here along with a copy of the Section 14 Notice.

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Why is the work planned to take so long?

Exe bridges waterproofing

The work is scheduled to take around 6 to 8 weeks as the scheme involves excavating approximately 1,500 tonnes of material and then re-laying a similar quantity. This is equivalent to the weight of approximately 1,000 cars.

In order to re-waterproof the bridges, the bridge deck has to be prepared – this is a very labour intensive process and we cannot use large machines to carry out the work, which increases the expected duration.

Will the whole roundabout be closed?

At no point will the whole roundabout be closed.

Due to the safety areas required to ensure the safety of site staff, it may be necessary to suspend some movements (ie. no left turn or right turn) at specific junctions. Where this is necessary, local diversions will be put in place.

There will also be occasions when the number of lanes around the roundabout are reduced, this is also to ensure the safety of the workforce.

Will emergency vehicles be allowed access through the closures?

Access for emergency vehicles will be maintained throughout the scheme.

Will access to shops be maintained during these hours?

Where any lanes are closed which may impact on the access to properties or businesses, a local diversion will be put in place with appropriate signage. The majority of the work will be done overnight in order to minimise disruption to local businesses.

Will there be noisy work throughout the night?

All of the roads we are resurfacing are deemed as traffic sensitive meaning we cannot carry out work during the daytime unless this is completely unavoidable. As such, most of the work will be done during the night.

We will be actively working with the contractor during the planning stage and on site stage of the project to minimise the amount of noise pollution. We will do this through various methods including:

  • using low noise machinery where possible
  • timing work so that most of the persistently noisy work is completed before 11.00pm
  • minimising the amount of reversing on site (in order to reduce the amount of reversing alarms).

Why can’t you add extra lanes?

Adding extra bridges or lanes is beyond the scope of this resurfacing scheme.

Are you removing the bus lane?

The existing bus lane along the South Bridge will remain.

Will the cycle lanes and footways be improved as part of the work?

The cycle lanes and footways will not be resurfaced as part of the scheme.

Further information

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