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Traffic information

Bickleigh tree maintenance works

What we are doing

Ash dieback has attacked  trees in the Bickleigh area and following recent expert inspections around 180 trees have been identified that need to be removed to maintain public safety alongside the highway. The work will take place on the A396 and A3072 from Monday 23 March until Sunday 29 March 2020, and Tuesday 14 April until Thursday 16 April. 

More information on the threat caused by Ash Dieback can be found here.

The majority of the trees are in private ownership, however in order to minimise disruption and maximise efficiency we are carrying out works on behalf of some landowners.  Devon County Council’s “My tree, my responsibility” campaign, supported by the Devon Ash Dieback Resilience Forum, aims to inform owners of trees to look out for signs of the fungal tree disease and to take any appropriate action in order to maintain public safety.

A plan of the closure and diversion route can be found on

Road closures

RoadDate of closureTime of closure
A396 North of BickleighMonday 23 to Tuesday 24 March
Tuesday 14 to Thursday 16 April (3 days)
9:30 am to 3:00 pm
A396 between Bickleigh and BurnWednesday 25 to Friday 27 March (3 days)9.30 am to 3.30 pm
A3072 between Bickleigh and Northdown RoadSaturday 28 to Sunday 29 March6:00 am to 5:00 pm both days

Unfortunately there will be no access to Ashley Recycling Centre from the Tiverton direction during the road closure on Monday 23 and Tuesday 24 for these works but access from the Bickleigh side will be possible.

This work is being undertaken during the day to ensure the safety of the public and the contractors undertaking the work. Day time working will also ensure that none of the trees, that require work, are missed.

Emergency access will be maintained during these times, along with access to residents when safe to achieve, however general through traffic will not be permitted.

While the road is closed a diversion route will be signed.

Diversion route

We have a duty to direct traffic along a similar standard of road to that being closed so that all vehicles, including large articulated vehicles, can safely use the diversion route.

We acknowledge that local roads may be used by people that are aware of them.

How the public and school bus services will be affected

We apologise for any inconvenience this essential work causes. We have liaised with our transport coordination service to minimise disruption wherever possible. The roads will not be closed when the school buses need to use them.


The County Council is committed to replacing trees lost through Ash dieback. It has adopted a 3-2-1 tree replacement principle, where three saplings will be planted for each mature tree it fells due to Ash dieback, two saplings will replace a semi-mature tree, and one new sapling will be planted for each ash sapling lost. Devon is supporting local parishes to plant on Highway land if certain criteria is met, i.e. no visibility splays are obstructed, no underground services exist, the right trees in the right position and long term responsibility for them is picked up by the local parish. Trees won’t be re-planted immediately in Bickleigh while Ash dieback is still prevalent in the area.

Further information

If you require more information please contact us using our online form.