Traffic information

B3230 Muddiford Leat

Work will now be taking place on the B3230 in Muddiford, starting on 3 February 2020, to stabilise a section of failing embankment.

The working methods and the type of stabilisation scheme have now been amended, to allow work to be completed without a road closure.

Currently, the predicted duration of the work will be approximately 16 weeks.

What are we doing?

Along the B3230 in Barnstaple there is a section of embankment which is slipping due to it being over-steep and susceptible to becoming saturated during heavy rainfall.

The bank is supporting the carriageway, and further slips could result in cracking and potential loss of the road.

Several slips have occurred during recent months, so it is necessary that a stabilisation scheme is constructed to avoid future loss of the highway.

During the two weeks prior to Christmas 2019, temporary work and site investigations were undertaken. This work helped to reduce the risk of further bank slips during the Christmas period and will also help inform our future main work in 2020.

To support the bank and highway, a mass concrete retaining wall will be constructed over approximately 70m. The steep bank will be slackened, and more efficient drainage will be implemented.

What traffic management is being used?

The traffic management for the main work will be in the form of temporary traffic lights and a temporary 30mph speed restriction, to give greater working width for the contractor.

Can I claim compensation?

There is no legal obligation or express statutory authority that enables Devon County Council to compensate for increased costs or any financial loss suffered as a result of the traffic management in place.

While every effort is made to inconvenience the public as little as possible there are times when, however regrettable, interruptions cannot be avoided. If you would like any further information, please contact our Customer Service Centre on 0345 155 1004.