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B3213 Western Road – air quality improvement work


The B3213 Western Road has been highlighted as an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA), meaning the air quality standards are not being achieved. This has resulted in a scheme of work developed by Devon County Council and South Hams District Council to improve the air quality within the area.

The idling of the engines as vehicles wait to overtake parked cars situated in the on-street parking on Western Road is identified as a contributing factor to the poor air quality. As a result, in order to improve the air quality the on-street parking bays along Western Road will be removed and relocated into a new off-street parking area located on the verge within Wayside. This will improve the flow of traffic along the road.

With the removal of the on-street parking Western Road will be narrowed and the footways widened to improve pedestrian access in the area. A zebra crossing will also be installed to facilitate crossing which the more freely moving traffic may make difficult.

During the course of the design work a significant number of drainage defects were identified in Western Road so we are taking the opportunity to address those defects as part of the works to minimise future disruption.

What are we doing?

We anticipate work starting early in January and a 16 week programme has been identified in order to carry out this work, with 7 phases of work (please see image).

The parking along Western Road will be suspended during the works to enable the use of traffic management, the new parking on Wayside will become available at the end of the work. The work will comprise of the following but not necessarily in the order listed below:


  • Demolition of the ‘Old Fire station’
  • Construction of off-street parking on the grass verge for the parking relocation
  • Additional drainage will be added along with substantial repairs and improvements to the existing drainage network
  • Resurfacing of the carriageway in front of the off-street parking
  • Installation of street lighting along Wayside

Western Road

  • Footway widening and footway resurfacing on both sides of the road
  • Tactile paving added on all side road junctions to help assist with safer crossings
  • Additional drainage will be added along with substantial repairs and improvements to the existing drainage network
  • Installation of a Zebra crossing to allow the safe crossing of pedestrians
  • Significant resurfacing and reprofiling of Western Road

Will I be able to access my property?

Access to properties will be maintained during the work, meaning safe access in and out of your property.

The work has been planned and split into several smaller phases of work allowing sections of the footway to remain open.

However, the section where the work is being carried out will require a temporary closure of the footway, and a diversion to the other side of the road will be implemented. Our contractors will do their very best to cause the least amount of disruption.

Will the road be closed, if so when and why?

The majority of the work will be undertaken using a lane closure and the use of two-way temporary traffic lights.

In order to facilitate the two-way lights access to and from Western Road to Park Street and Clare Street will be closed throughout the work.

Access to those roads will still be possible using the diversion route through Keaton Road. Without these closures 3 or 4 way temporary lights would be required which would result in greater disruption.

Night closures of Western Road will only be used as a last resort as we want to keep disruption to a minimum during the works however, towards the end of the work, 3 or 4 night closures will be required between the hours of 7 pm and 6 am. These are necessary to undertake the resurfacing work and potentially some of the drainage work.

These are elements where the full road width is required for the works to ensure the safety of our workforce and the public. Any closures will be advertised in advance and signed diversion routes will be in place while the road is closed.

Why are we doing this work?

The B3213 is a well trafficked route and one of the main routes into Ivybridge. The focus is on improving the traffic flow and air quality within the local area, along with improving the local infrastructure for pedestrians. The footway widening will allow better access for pedestrians using local amenities and the town centre.

Whilst we recognise that the works will cause disruption, we are using the opportunity to rectify drainage defects and undertake necessary resurfacing with the aim of minimising future disruption.

We apologise for any inconvenience this essential work causes and assure you that we are doing our best to minimise disruption wherever possible.

The contractor carrying out this work is Glendinning Ltd. If you have any concerns, please contact the highway team on 0345 155 1004.