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A399 Brayford – Ash Dieback

What we are doing

We are removing trees infected with ash dieback and other trees which are dead, diseased, damaged or insecurely rooted which pose a threat adjacent to this strategic route for the safety of road users.

The closure runs along the A399 from Brayford to Mockham Down Gate

Trees with ash dieback become unstable and will shed branches and can collapse as the level of infection spreads within the tree.

Collapsing trees, even relatively small ones, into a road presents significant hazard to passing vehicles. Therefore, we are removing infected trees within falling distance of the highway.

Following a detailed inspection by an independent arboriculturalist and ecologist, this work was identified as urgent and in need of completion to ensure public safety.

Work will be carried out under a full road closure.


Start of the closure End of the closure Type of closure
12 July 2021 15 July 2021 08.00 – 20.00
19 July 2021 22 July 2021 08.00 – 20.00

Reason for closure

We must ensure the safety of our workforce and the public, and in order to comply with our safety guidelines we are unable to carry out this work under two-way traffic signals.

Due to the trees being near overhead power lines, we are unable to carry out night works. In addition to this, the risks associated with tree felling works increase significantly during the hours of darkness.

Diversion route

There will be a diversion for all vehicles, including large articulated lorries along similar standard roads. More information including the diversion route can be found on

Local traffic

Emergency access will be maintained along with access to businesses and properties within the closure.  A small delay may exist to allow movement of machinery and debris etc. to facilitate safe passage.