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Traffic information

A380 (between Kennford and Newton Abbot)

What we are doing and why

We have completed major resurfacing work on the A380 over the past few months.

Having suspended all work over the busy summer period, we now need to complete the scheme by maintaining the bridge decks to protect the structures for many years to come.

This work could not be carried out alongside the previous resurfacing due to the possible presence of bats. Further investigation was carried out after the hibernation period, following which the work was programmed for this autumn.  No evidence of bats has been found within the structures, however where the presence of bats is considered possible all mitigating action will be taken as recommended by the ecologist.

Coordination of many other works due on the A380 has been undertaken to optimise the use of the Traffic Management in place and reduce future disruption to the public. This includes but is not limited to inspections/repairs to a variety of highway apparatus, removal of trees infected with Ash Dieback and litter picking.

Please see the key dates and information below for the phasing of the remaining work. As the work is highly weather dependent, dates may change.

Road closures & works schedule

Week commencing 6 September

  • Night-time road closure of the A380 Northbound and Southbound between Ashcombe and Penn Inn. This for the installation of a contraflow system.

Week commencing 13 September

  • 24-hour contraflow in place between Ashcombe Cross and Penn Inn to allow works on the Northbound carriageway. Waterproofing and resurfacing works to Northbound bridge decks, and signage works, until mid October Contraflow will then be repositioned to allow works on the Southbound carriageway.

Week commencing 18 October

  • 24 hour contraflow in place between Ashcombe Cross and Penn Inn to allow works on the Southbound carriageway. Reconstruction of carriageway to remove the ‘dip’ at Ideford. Waterproofing and resurfacing works to Southbound bridge decks.

Week commencing 25 October

  • Penn Inn to Ware Barton structural works complete. The Ware Barton slip roads will be open to traffic and traffic movements will be significantly improved.
  • Works to improve the crash barrier in the central reservation on the Teign Viaduct will begin. With Traffic Management and night-time working to limit the impact on the public. It wasn’t possible to undertake these work at the same time as the structural works. The workforce need a safety zone between themselves and live traffic when working on the central reserve.

End of November

  • Work complete – removal of contraflow

Advanced notice will be provided prior to the start of any closures and a signed diversion route in place.

Work has been planned over weekends where possible to reduce disruption.

The road closure dates and times, together with the diversion routes, are available online at This will be kept up to date by the project team.

We have a duty to direct traffic along a similar standard of road to that being closed so that all vehicles, including large articulated vehicles, can safely use the diversion with minimal disruption.

Traffic management

The work to the bridge decks requires all of the pavement to be stripped off and the concrete deck exposed. On many of the structures we are improving, there is insufficient space to safely work on half the deck whilst leaving the other half open to traffic. We therefore have had to close the carriageway in its entirety for the work, to keep the workforce safe. Contraflows have been installed to enable this.

Once the bridge deck are exposed,they cannot be subjected to traffic until the pavement layer is replaced so night time closures are also not possible.

Undertaking the work

Once the bridge deck is exposed, it cannot be subjected to traffic until the pavement layer is replaced so reopening of the carriageway between activities is not possible.

The work is being managed as efficiently as possible. There are some activities where materials have to cure before the next set of work can start in that location, so it may appear that there is no work underway but this is being managed and is necessary.

It is possible that works may be delayed due to poor weather. Decks must be warm and dry to allow bonding of the waterproofing layer. If we do encounter unfavourable weather, this would mean that works are stood down temporarily, however, these works have been timed to limit the likelihood of poor weather.

How local traffic is being handled

Liaison will be undertaken with local stakeholders to discuss this work in more detail. Please be assured that every effort will be made to minimise any disruption. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.