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Traffic information

A379 – Emergency Closure

Why is the road closed?

The A379 has been closed to traffic and pedestrians between Ravensbourne Lane and Cinders Lane for safety reasons due to a dangerous private wall running alongside the highway.

The wall is showing signs of significant movement, with extensive cracking and bulges. The wall varies in height from approx. 3.0m to 6.0m and has a substantial return wall and outbuilding situated directly above.

When will repairs be carried out?

Due to the significance of the defects it will be difficult to repair safely, it is therefore likely that the outbuildings behind the wall and a significant section of the wall itself will need to be taken down to road level. The existing ground behind the wall will then be battered back to temporarily make safe the private land and enable the A379 to be reopened.

A local contractor has visited site and carried out the demolition works. The rebuilding of the wall will be required at a later date, this is likely to be undertaken after the Summer period.

At this early stage we are still assessing how long the works will take and therefore are not able to offer any timescales for when this road will be reopened.