A379 Bridge Road, Exeter

What are we doing?

We are replacing the vehicle safety barriers which are vital to the bridge opening procedure.  We are also coordinating other works during this period to help reduce any further disruption in the near future.

When are we closing the road?

Dates of ClosureType of Closure
27th – 29th AugustNight time only (7pm to 7am) – A379 Bridge Road
9th – 13th SeptemberNight time only (7pm to 7am) – A379 Bridge Road
18th – 19th SeptemberNight time only (7pm to 7am) – A379 Bridge Road

Why do we have to close the road?

We must ensure the safety of our workforce and the public, along with the size of the plan involved in the works, in order to comply with our safety guidelines we are unable to carry out this work without a road closure.

Why is there such a long diversion route?

We must direct traffic along a similar standard of road to that being closed so that all vehicles, including large articulated vehicles can safely use the diversion route.

How is local traffic being handled?

Where the only access to residences and businesses is through the road closure, vehicles will be allowed access although they maybe asked to wait a short time until it is safe to pass.  Access will always be maintained for emergency vehicles.