A377 South Molton Road, Elston

What are we doing?

We are resurfacing the road near Elston Cross, south of South Molton as this section of highway has reached the end of its serviceable life. The work will be carried out in a series of night-time closures, on week nights only and there will be no weekend working.

There will be a requirement to close one lane with temporary signals during the day due to the installation of geo grid as part of this scheme and short delays are to be expected. While we are there, we will also be repairing gullies and chambers as required, cleaning the drainage system and carrying out other periodic maintenance activities.

When are we closing the road?

The road will be closed Tuesday 16 to Friday 19 July (early Saturday morning) between the hours of 7pm and 7am. We will aim to get the noisiest of the work carried out by 11pm.

Diversion route can be found at

Why do we have to close the road?

We must ensure the safety of our workforce and the public, the size of the plant involved in the works, the narrow nature of the road and in order to comply with our safety guidelines – we are unable to carry out this work without a road closure.

How is local traffic being handled?

Where the only access to residences and businesses is through the road closure, vehicles will be allowed access although they may be asked to wait a short time until it is safe to pass. Access will always be maintained for emergency vehicles.

We make sure that the bus companies know about the road closure, but we don’t generally know what their plans are to avoid the closure. They will put notices up on bus stops if a bus isn’t going to run. For more information passengers are advised to contact Stagecoach.


Will I/my carer/the emergency services be able to get to my house?
Yes, there will always be access to your residence, but you will not necessarily be able to drive into the work. Please speak to the gateman at the closure point. If they are able to guide you through the site to access your property they will. However, if there is work happening on your route you may be asked to park elsewhere and be guided past on foot or to access the other end of the road closure.

What happens if we have an event planned?
Ideally, everyone should arrive before the road has closed. When leaving the event you will need to be escorted out of the work area. Please follow the instruction of the workforce and drive very slowly.