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A377 at Kingford – stabilisation work

The River Taw Stabilisation work is required on the A377 at Kingford, just south of Umberleigh.

The road runs closely with the River Taw at this location, and over time the river has been eroding the embankment which is providing support to the highway. This has resulted in serious deterioration of the road with 40m of cracking in the southbound lane.

We therefore took the decision to install two-way temporary traffic lights to keep vehicles off this section of the highway.

Due to the significance of the A377, we are proposing that the majority of the work will be undertaken under this existing two-way traffic lights and lane closure set up.

What we are doing

The closure of one lane of the A377 with cones in place

As the river is undermining the embankment it is at risk of slipping, resulting in loss of the highway. This has happened in previous years with sections of the highway ending up in the river, and we are keen to avoid this happening again.

Since the lights have been installed we have undertaken ground investigation work to determine what materials lie beneath the road, embankment and river.

This aided in selecting the right design solution for the site. We have also had to undertake a Freshwater Pearl Mussel survey to ensure that there isn’t any located in this section of the River Taw. As there are parts of the Taw which are excellent fishing locations, we have also been in contact with the landowners and owners of the fishing rights, to ensure any work doesn’t affect future fishing here.

To support the embankment we are proposing to install soil nails into the bank and netting the face to stop any further movement. We will also install large natural stone at the toe of the embankment in the river to ensure the river no longer undermines it. When we have all the required legal land ownership agreements in place, and the required permits from the Environment Agency to undertake works in the river we will then be in a position to undertake the works.


There is no legal obligation or express statutory authority that enables Devon County Council to compensate for increased costs or any financial loss suffered as a result of the traffic management in place.

While every effort is made to inconvenience the public as little as possible there are times when however regrettable, interruptions cannot be avoided.

If you would like any further information, please contact our Customer Service Centre on 0345 155 1004.