A3124 Beaford Village – Drainage works

What are we doing?

Devon County Council and South West Water are undertaking coordinated repairs to the drainage within the village to alleviate flooding issues.

When are we closing the road?

The road will be closed from 21 October to 1 November, a 24 hour closure will be in place.  A further closure will be in place between 7 November to 14 November, this will be done overnight (6.30pm – 7.00am) in an effort to minimise disruption.

Please see for further information and updates.

Why are we doing this work?

Both the highways drainage and the sewer have collapsed in various locations which is causing flooding to the highway making it inaccessible to pedestrians.

Why do we need to close the road?

We must ensure the safety of our workforce and the public, and in order to comply with our safety guidelines we are unable to carry out this work without a road closure.

As this is a narrow section of road we have to close the road for periods to give our workforce a safe working zone, however we have worked hard to ensure that the closures are short time periods where possible in order to reduce the disruption to road users to the minimum.

Why is there such a long diversion route?

We have a duty to direct traffic along a similar standard of road to that being closed so that all vehicles, including large articulated vehicles, can safely use the diversion route.  The official diversion route will be treated with salt during periods of cold weather.