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Traffic information

A3121 Safer Roads Fund Site 12 (Modbury Cross)

Work to construct a new roundabout at Hollowcombe Cross and a new road to the south of it to replace the existing road, which currently links the A3121 and A379 (C79) will begin on 1 March 2020.

The C79 will be closed from 1 March to 21 May 2021.

Why the road will be closed

The road must be closed to through traffic as substantial sections of it will be removed in the process of building the replacement road.

Diversion route

We must direct traffic along a similar standard of road to that being closed so that all vehicles, including large articulated vehicles, can safely use the diversion route.

The diversion route for shorter vehicles below 7m in length is very much shorter, these will turn at Modbury Cross under temporary signalised traffic control.

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How local traffic is being handled

Access around the site will always be maintained for emergency vehicles and access for residents will be maintained.

For through traffic there is will be a short or long diversion route depending upon the length of the vehicle.

Vehicles of up to 7m in length will be directed to Modbury Cross junction and turn there under traffic control, their diversion will be no more than 500m in length.

Vehicles above 7m in length wishing to travel east on the A3121 or A379 will be signed from the Modbury Cross junction along the A379 to Elburton roundabout where they can turn and make a return journey to Modbury Cross where they can then proceed east.

The diversion is 13 miles in length. Due to the lack of any nearer large roundabouts on the A379 or other roads in this area suitable for taking large vehicles, this is the shortest diversion route possible.