• Can my address have more than 2 permits?

    No. The only exception to the permit limit is when we introduce a new zone, and a household has more than two cars registered and in use e.g. 3 or 4 at their address. We will allow each car registered at the address to buy a permit. This is known as a Grandfather right. Once […]

  • Can I transfer my remaining permit time to my new address?

    No. Permits are not transferable and cannot be taken with you to a new address even if staying in the same zone. Permits are specific to that property’s address and to a vehicle registered at that address with the DVLA. You can’t have more than one active permit at any time.

  • What do I need to do with my permit, I am moving to a new address?

    If you move address you should email parkingservices@devon.gov.uk with your moving date with an attached photo of your permit cut into 4 pieces, or return your permit by post to Parking Services – Permits, Devon County Council, PO BOX 811, Exeter, EX1 9WA. We will then mark that permit as cancelled so the new occupiers […]

  • What happens if I lose or damage my permit?

    If the permit loss was due to circumstances beyond your control, e.g. theft, car accident, the council may waive the cost of a replacement permit for the remaining period of time left on the original permit. If the loss has occurred as a result of a situation which could have reasonably been prevented, e.g. changed […]

  • What happens when there are roadworks or closures in my road?

    When it is necessary to close residential streets or temporarily suspend parking, it is the responsibility of the residents to find alternative parking. While not as convenient, permit holders can use any other road in their permit zone to park until work is completed. Use our Traffweb map to: • view traffic restrictions • find […]