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Safe travel

School Crossing Patrols Information for schools

The Patrol outside our school is about to leave or has left and the site is vacant now. What happens next?

An assessment is carried out by the Road Safety team to determine if it meets the nationally agreed criteria for a Devon County Council funded Patrol. This criteria and assessment are from the Road Safety Great Britain School Crossing Patrol Guidelines.

This assessment includes a count of pedestrians and vehicles at school travel time and incorporates elements from the existing proven and widely adopted criteria for assessing potential formal crossing points such as zebra crossings, pelican and puffin crossings. The criteria uses the PV2 formula as its basis.(P =Number of Pedestrians, V= Number of Vehicles) in the busiest consecutive 30 minute period at school travel time.

The total of child pedestrians (P) is multiplied it with the square of the total number of vehicles to provide the PV2 score. If a PV2 of greater than 4 million is achieved, the site assessment can progress to the next stage. The assessment also includes a review of collision data, traffic speed, infrastructure, signing & engagement with the school.

The Road Safety team will inform the school of the outcome of the assessment.

What happens if the site meets the criteria?

We will recruit for a new Patrol. The school are requested to help with the advertising of the post as many Patrols come from the school community e.g. mealtime assistants, school cleaners, teaching assistants, parents, grandparents, governors, or local residents.

Please advertise the School Crossing Patrol vacancies using our free recruitment resources  through your usual communication methods e.g. newsletters note in children’s’ bags, PTA, school website, governors meeting and social media, posters and flyers in school and locally in the community.

Resources available:
• Posters
• Flyers
• Could you be a Local Hero? recruitment film
• Banner. 200cm wide x 50cm high for schools to fix in a suitable location outside the school.
• Template Recruitment letters to send to parents/carers and wider school community:
o Recruitment letter when Patrol is leaving
o Recruitment letter when there is no Patrol (a vacant site)

How long will it take to recruit a new Patrol?

Recruitment of Patrols both in Devon and nationally can be a challenge. Generally, schools who are very pro-active in advertising the vacancy and who regularly remind the wider school community, can trigger more applicants.

There is more information about the role on our  School Crossing Patrol webpage which links to the online application form on Devon Jobs.

What happens if the site does NOT meet the criteria?

There are other potential options for the school, and the Council, to consider:

1. Volunteer School Crossing Marshals – volunteer helpers recruited and ’employed’ by the school and trained by the Road safety team, to help children cross the road at a fixed crossing point
2. Walking Bus – volunteer helpers recruited and ’employed’ by the school and trained by the Road safety team to walk children on a route to school
3. The School shares the funding of providing a salaried Patrol with the Council, assuming a potential Patrol has been identified by the School or can be recruited and infrastructure is in place.

We wish to request a School Crossing Patrol at a new location. What do we do?

You may wish to consider a Volunteer School Crossing Marshal first.

We do not have a duty to provide School Crossing Patrols. However, if you think there’s a particular location near the school, where the majority of children cross, and find it difficult for example due to the volume of vehicles please contact us.

You will need to provide the exact location of the crossing point. Applications normally come from a school. We will carry out an assessment as referred to previously.

Who can I contact to get more information and discuss further?

Tel: 01392 383000 and when prompted ask for Colin Savage