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Safe travel


Local Measures (May 2020)

Description: Allocation for local communities to provide the traffic management in town centres and those communities with large daytime retail/tourist populations. These would be aimed at measures to encourage active travel for example by facilitating social distancing at busy bus stops, temporary cycle parking and restricted space in crowded areas. These schemes will be 50% match funded by the community, in the order of £2000 will be provided for the hire of equipment.

DCC will be looking to bring forward schemes that focus on the busiest settlements and employment centres. We would like communities, including business communities, to come forward with proposals that the County Council can help to facilitate. These proposals should be able to support local residents, the travelling public, businesses and the wider communities to keep themselves active and safe as we move toward the next step in our response to Covid-19.

Based on the priorities above, community representatives were contacted to start the conversation on what we could deliver to help promote active travel.  Ideas and proposals were to be shared with Town and Parish Councils in the first instance, before an application form was returned to All ideas needed to be received by Devon County Council no later than 19 June 2020.

Emergency Active Travel Fund Tranche 1 Allocation (July 2020)

Following the application period a detailed process of sifting has been undertaken. In total, 101 applications were received and assessed to determine if they:

  • meet the criteria for the fund as set out by the Department for Transport
  • can be started within 4 weeks
  • can be completed within 8 weeks
  • can be 50% funded by the communities
  • can be installed / maintained by the communities (where applicable)
  • are technically deliverable and provide a benefit to the community.

Of the schemes received by 19th June, 11 met the criteria above and were approved. These are set out in the table below:

ReferenceScheme NameDistrictTownDescriptionAmount
EATF1Lower Fore Street one wayEast DevonBeerInstallation of one-way scheme to allow active travel£3,000
EATF3Reallocation of road spaceTeignbridgeBovey TraceyReallocation of road space to allow active travel£1,500
EATF5Sidmouth town measuresEast DevonSidmouthVehicle prohibition and parking suspension£3,850
EATF7Road closure & parking removalNorth & TorridgeHolsworthyVehicle prohibition and parking suspension£2,250
EATF10New signage in Ivybridge and cycle route diversionSouth HamsIvybridgeCycle route signing and diversion£2,000
EATF12Road closure on Saturday morningsSouth HamsTotnesRoad closure to allow reallocation of road space for social distancing£5,500
EATF13Improvements for pedestrians and cyclists in DawlishTeignbridgeDawlishCycle parking and reallocation of road space£2,000
EATF14Road closure at Wellington Street and Regent StreetTeignbridgeTeignmouthReallocation of road space to allow active travel£2,000
EATF15Cycle parkingTeignbridgeAcross district£5,000
EATF16Ide / Cowick modal filterTeignbridge / ExeterIde / CowickModal filter at Balls Farm Road£5,000
EATF17Town Centre reallocation of road spaceWest DevonTavistockCycle parking and reallocation of road space£2,000

A full list of the schemes submitted to Devon County Council for consideration under the Emergency Active Travel Fund can be found here: Full list of submitted schemes

Doctor Surgeries, Dental Practices and Health Centres

We have received a number of requests from doctor’s surgeries, dental practices and health centres for support for restricted parking to manage patients with Covid-19 symptoms. These will be considered on a case by case basis, and health centres should complete this online form to put forward any requests.

We understand that these facilities need to be set up quickly, therefore we are currently promoting “advisory” interventions. Once our team has agreed to a suitable location for patient parking at your practice / centre we will provide a template notice for you to print and display, we will also advise you on sourcing and placing traffic cones.

For any queries regarding the Emergency Active Travel Fund please email: