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Safe travel

Barnstaple and Bideford Proposals

Tranche 1

Extended Barnstaple Town Centre Pedestrianisation

Type: Pedestrianisation

Description: Temporary restrictions to extend the current town centre pedestrianised area. This will provide additional road space within the core retail streets and enable the District and Town Councils to implement social distancing measures. The extended pedestrianised area will support improved cycling links into the town centre and will incorporate additional pop-up cycle parking facilities. Existing public transport routes through the town will be maintained. The restrictions are expected to come into effect in the period between Friday 3 July and Friday 10 July, please follow the link below for a detailed plan of these pedestrianised area extensions.

Plan of extended pedestrianised areas

To provide a safer environment  for pedestrians and cyclists traveling into the town centre, consideration has also been given to introducing temporary traffic restrictions on the A3125 Longbridge. A proposal to prohibit motor vehicle access onto the Longbridge, except for buses and emergency vehicles, was identified. However, following consideration of all feedback this proposal is no longer being progressed.

Bideford Town Centre

 Type: Pedestrian Improvements (parking removal, point closures, crossings and one way system)

Description: Temporary restrictions and pedestrian facilities to support social distancing measures on core town centre streets. The District and Town Councils will be implementing a system of one-way pedestrian movement along narrow pavements and streets within the town centre. To support this, temporary restrictions will be required to remove elements of on-street parking in the High Street and close the road through Manor Park in order to provide space for pedestrians, space for pop-up cycling parking and space for bus passengers to wait safely. A one-way system for pedestrians will incorporate the Longbridge footpaths and a temporary pedestrian crossing facility on the A386 will be required to support this.

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