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Safe travel

New Highway Code changes


From 29 January 2022, the new Highway Code became operational

  • There are 8 new rules and 49 updates.
  • These changes are aimed at providing better protection for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders.
  • It is important that ALL road users are aware of The Highway Code, especially the new changes. They must be considerate to other road users and understand their responsibility for the safety of others. (part of Rule H1)

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Some of the key changes are:

  • At a junction, drivers and other road users, should give way to pedestrians crossing or waiting to cross a road into which or from which they are turning. (part of Rule H2)
  • Drivers and motorcyclists should not cut across cyclists or horse riders going ahead when they are turning into or out of a junction or changing direction or lane (part of Rule H3).
  • A new ‘Hierarchy of Road Users’. This recognises that drivers pose greater risks to others and therefore have a higher level of responsibility. (part of Rule H1)
  • New rules to tackle dangerous overtaking and ‘close passes’. This includes a guideline minimum safe passing distance. In Devon, our Share this Space programme has always advised drivers the passing distance should be two metres. At higher speeds this would increase.
  • The inclusion, for drivers, of the Dutch Reach to help prevent people cycling being ‘car-doored’. It is a simple technique which involves using the hand furthest from the car door to open it. The driver’s body automatically turns helping spot approaching cyclists.

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