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Devon Road Casualty Data Dashboards

These dashboards are interactive; once opened click on a part of a graph to filter the other data displayed around it.


Data Dashboard link: Content Description
View Casualty Overview - infographics for the latest year An infographic style overview of road casualties that have been reported to/recorded by the Police in the county council area. Includes injury severity, types of road users injured, age and gender data plus casualty numbers by Devon district areas.
View 5 year statistics on a chart - includes a filter by small area Includes a filter menu to enable you to select small areas and specific road users. A five year chart is displayed to enable to track numbers over time. Also includes a map of where the collisions occurred, and charts on road user types, age and gender.
View 10 Historic charts data of road casualties by injury severity These charts provide a more historic overview of the casualties recorded in the last 10 years. Note at the end of 2015 a new injury based recording system was introduced and serious casualties were more accurately recorded which contributed to the rise in serious casualties from 2016 onwards.
Open annual dashboard report - part 1 - area comparison See how the Devon road casualty trend compares to other areas, the south west region and also nationally. Also includes the Department for Transport calculated ‘adjusted’ serious casualty data on page 7 that estimates the number casualties prior to 2016 that potentially should have been recorded as serious not slight injuries (at the end of 2015 an injury based recording system called CRaSH was introduced which led to serious casualties being more accurately recorded).


Please note:

Our road casualty statistics by default show the Devon County Council area only, as Torbay and Plymouth are separate Unitary Councils. More info about the data we use can be found on our Collision Data FAQs page

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