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Safe travel

Annual Statistics Report

The report which is displayed using Power BI dashboards below mainly uses Police road accident data (“collisions”) from the latest available year and comparing with preceding years. It demonstrates that our focus needs to be on improving the skills, knowledge and safer behaviours of select groups of road user. Younger and less experienced drivers; older drivers; motorcyclists and higher exposure drivers – commonly characterised as at-work drivers – will therefore be targeted for support.


How Are We Doing? – Open Full Screen Here



Why Are Collisions Happening? – Open Full Screen Here



When Are Collisions Occurring? – Open Full Screen Here



Who Is Being Injured? – Open Full Screen Here



Publication Timescales

Data timelineshowing data is released each year in May for dashboards, and the main statistics report is released July

More Statistics and Power BI reports (Dashboards)

All our dashboards are listed here.


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