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Safe travel

Data Dashboard Disclaimers

General Data Context

Click here for FAQs and more info on casualty statistics. Casualty figures by area reflect where the collision occurred as opposed to casualty residency. Age may not be known/recorded in some cases. This information is provided by Devon & Cornwall Police. It includes collisions recorded by the Police that occurred on a highway, involved one or more vehicles and human death or personal injury. It only includes collisions that were notified to the Police within 30 days of occurrence. While every reasonable effort is made to ensure that the information provided is correct, no guarantees for the accuracy of information are made.

Only collisions within the Devon County Council area are included. Torbay and Plymouth are not included as they form their own unitary councils and analyse their own data separately.

Urban / Rural Classification

Routes have been classified as urban/rural using the following guidance:

1. Initially if the route falls within a town/city that has more than 7,000 population the route would generally be considered urban.

2. The speed limit also generally guides whether the classification of the route section is urban or rural. A change in speed limit often dictates where a route extent starts and stops, for example a change from 60 to 40/30 would suggest a change from rural to urban environment. Classification and extents are also judged on whether the route environment is/is not representative of a typical rural or urban road for example whether street lighting, footpaths, pedestrian crossings are/are not present.