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Safe travel

Newton Abbot Proposals

Town Centre Footway Widening

Type: Footway Widening (including parking removal)

Description: Queen Street is a key transport link retail area in Newton Abbot town centre. The scheme proposes to remove on-street parking along a 450m corridor, enabling footway widening. Some parking spaces will be retained, as will some loading bays and bus stops to minimise negative impacts on the functionality of the area. The scheme will improve the environment for pedestrians, enabling better social distancing opportunities. Whilst these are temporary measures, they reflect aspirations being developed under the Future High Streets Fund.

Temporary Crossings

Type: Temporary Crossings

Description: The provision of three temporary crossings, allowing residents to safely cross highways. The crossings are located on the East-West Shares Use Path at Exeter Road, Jetty Marsh Road and Ashburton Road. There are aspirations for these to be permanent crossings under Phase 3 of the Newton Abbot East-West Shared Use Path scheme. This will encourage sustainable travel on a safe, convenient and direct route between residential areas, education, transport hubs, employment sites and the town centre.

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