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What happens if I need a temporary permit while my vehicle is being repaired?

If your vehicle is being repaired and that work is likely to take more than 2 days to complete, we can issue a ‘ virtual ‘ temporary permit for any vehicle you are using as a stop gap. Your own visitor permits should be used for short-term changes of less than 2 days or the vehicle parked in non-permit only parking spaces. A virtual permit means that the replacement car’s details can be found on the enforcement officer’s devices showing that the car has a valid permit and the expiry date without the need for you to display a physical permit.

Temporary permits can be used for up to 7 days from the date of issue. Should repairs or an insurance claim be likely to take longer than 7 days, we may extend that initial permit for you, but would need to see some supporting documentation from the garage or your insurers confirming the extenuating circumstances and need for the permit to be extended.

You cannot have a temporary permit for a courtesy car if your own car is still parked on the road in your zone, pending removal, repair or settlement of an insurance claim. We are unable to exceed the allocated number of permits per address. In most cases, but not all the allocation of permits allowed is 2.

Please email with details of your permit number, name and address, current registration number, the temporary registration number and the reason why it is needed, for example, breakdown or accident. If requesting an extension to a temporary permit, please attach your supporting evidence to your email request, and reconfirm the vehicle registration number on the temporary permit, or if a new registration number if the vehicle is changing.

Finally, please note, we can only action requests for a temporary permit from the person named as the permit holder on our database, and holding a valid permit at time of request.

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