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What happens if I lose or damage my permit?

If the permit loss was due to circumstances beyond your control, e.g. theft, car accident, the council may waive the cost of a replacement permit for the remaining period of time left on the original permit.
If the loss has occurred as a result of a situation which could have reasonably been prevented, e.g. changed car forgot to retain permit, blown out of window, then the full charge will apply. A new permit can be bought which will be valid for a full year from the date of issue.

Please email with your name, address and permit number and tell us why you need a replacement permit or report it lost so we can allow you to buy a new one. In the case of a replacement being needed due theft or accident please provide supporting evidence of this, e.g. crime log number or insurance letter.

You are required to clearly display a valid parking permit when using a permit only space during its times of operation. You may receive a Penalty Charge Notice if you do not. You will need to find alternative parking or use any visitor permits you may have whilst waiting for delivery of your next permit.

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