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What happens if I change my vehicle?

We can only action requests for changes from the person named as the permit holder on our database, please email with details of the active permit number, permit holders name and address, current registration number and the new registration number.

Please include a photo of the current permit, showing the permit cut into 4 quarters so we know it can no longer be used. A replacement permit will be provided for the remaining time on your permit at no charge. However, if you are unable to provide proof that the current permit cannot be used anymore, we will have to cancel the permit and you will be required to pay the full charge for a new permit. A new permit will be valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Requests received by email are usually actioned and posted out within 24 hours of receipt. Requests received outside of our office hours will be actioned on the next working day.

You are required to clearly display a valid parking permit when using a permit only space during its times of operation. You may receive a Penalty Charge Notice if you do not. You will need to find alternative parking or use any visitor permits you may have whilst waiting for delivery of your next permit.

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