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What does my contractor need to do?

Once you have received construction specification and we have provided you with the specification details, your contractor needs to complete and return the contractor declaration form so we can confirm they meet our standards before issuing the licence.

Your contractor must check for utility apparatus (pipes, covers, chambers) within the work area. If utility apparatus is present, your contractor will need to liaise with the utility companies concerned regarding any alterations needed to their apparatus. You will have to pay for these changes to the utility apparatus and the utility company may insist that their own contractor carries out work on their apparatus. Therefore you will need to allow sufficient time for the utility company to organise the work.

The contractor must build the crossing in accordance with the specification and conditions set out in the site approval and construction specification document. Failure to comply will result in you being asked to reconstruct the crossing and you may be charged for this. Our vehicle crossing specification can be found hereĀ and as part of the process, you will also be provided with a site-specific specification.

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