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How much is a vehicle crossing likely to cost?

Everyone has to pay:

  • Vehicle crossing licence, issued by Devon County Council: £260
  • Construction of a standard 3 metre vehicle crossing: £1500 – £3000*

Costs involved if a property is not clear of street furniture, trees or is subject of traffic order:

Work required Cost
Re-locating street lighting column (up to 10 metres) £1500*
Re-locating internally illuminated sign (up to 10 metres) £1500*
Removal and replacement of tree (any tree needing removal will be replaced by 2 new ones at suitable locations) £600*
Modification of telecommunication cover (any chamber in a footway will require a heavy duty cover and frame fitted by the Company it belongs to) £1200*
Re-locating unlit road sign £350*
Amendment to a traffic regulation order (such as parking restrictions). This maximum cost will need to be paid in advance and any amount not required will be refunded. £3000 maximum
Disabled bay – depending on the situation and the type of disabled bay it may be possible to relocate, but this is not the case in every location. Advisory bays: £250
Mandatory bays: £3000
Yellow lines – usually do not prevent you from having a vehicle crossing.  Please let us know and we will advise you further. N/A

*Note: these are indicative costs for guidance only to enable applicants to assess approximate costs of applying for and constructing a vehicle crossing. Therefore applicants should be aware actual costs may be significantly different from above dependent on the individual circumstances and therefore should obtain firm quotations where necessary from utility companies, local authority and contractors.

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