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Topsham Residents’ Parking – Phase 2


Devon County Council is consulting on whether residents in Topsham would support an extension of residents’ parking within Topsham in their area.

Following the implementation of residents parking in parts of Topsham in 2020, Devon County Council has received comments requesting the scheme is widened to support more residents.

An informal consultation was undertaken in 2021 to determine the demand for extending the residents parking zone, resulting in a formal consultation being progressed.

The intention of a residents’ parking scheme is to ensure that residents have priority to park within their own area, while also ensuring that the needs of other road users are recognised.

The consultation ran from 17 March 2022 until 14 April 2022. More information about residents’ parking schemes and the area being consulted can be found below.

Documents – Ref 5970

How do I respond?

The consultation is now closed.

Next steps

The results of this consultation have been summarised and were reported to the Exeter Highways and Traffic Orders Committee on 29 April 2022, where it was resolved

(a) that the results of the consultation be noted; and

(b) that the extension to the residents parking scheme in Topsham, as advertised, be approved subject to delegated authority to the Chief Officer for Highways, Infrastructure and Waste to determine the details in consultation with the Chair and the local County Councillor.

Discussions with the Councillors are ongoing to finalise the details of the scheme. Information will be sent to residents in due course once works have been arranged.