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Sidford Residents’ Parking


Devon County Council is consulting on whether residents in Sidford would support residents’ parking in their area.

Following an initial consultation in June 2018 which showed support for the introduction of residents parking in some areas of Sidford, it was decided at the East Devon Highways and Traffic Orders Committee in December 2018 that the council would run a separate consultation in the Sidford area  to better understand the views of residents in the area.

The intention of a residents’ parking scheme is to ensure that residents have priority to park within their own area, while also ensuring that the needs of other road users are recognised.

The consultation is running from 11 June 2021 until 2 July 2021.


All comments submitted will be considered by the East Devon Highway and Traffic Orders Committee.

Next steps

After the East Devon Highways and Traffic Orders Committee has made a decision on whether to progress with residents’ parking in the area, a further consultation with detailed proposals for any approved restrictions will be undertaken before any final decision is made.