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2019 statutory consultations

Devon County Council undertook a statutory consultation across the following roads to decide whether to extend the residents parking restrictions to include these roads.

The roads being consulted were:

  • Zone H – Horseguards (ENV5740)
  • Zone S4 – Elmdon Close (ENV5740)
  • Zone S4 – Pennsylvania Close (ENV5740)
  • Zone S5 – Wrefords Lane (ENV5740)

These proposals were to add the roads and all associated properties, to their existing neighbouring residents parking schemes. The existing motor vehicle prohibitions in Elmdon Close and Pennsylvania close would be revoked.


Why are we doing this? Residents have contacted the council to report that they are experiencing difficulties with the current on-street parking that is taking place.

Why should I respond? It is important that we know the current views of everyone who might be affected, by new restrictions. Your response will contribute to the final decision.

When do I have to respond by? The dates of the consultations were:

Area Start date Closing date
Elmdon Close Thursday 7 February Monday 4 March
Pennsylvania Close
Wrefords Lane

Residents within each area have received information in the post with details of the consultation and how to respond.


What happens next

Comments from this consultation have been summarised and reported to the meeting of the Exeter Highways and Traffic Orders Committee on 9 April 2019 as part of the Residents Parking Extensions – Duryard and Pennsylvania.

It has been resolved:

  • to not progress with proposals for Elmdon Close and Pennsylvania Close
  • to implement the proposals for Wrefords Lane
  • to re-advertise proposals for Horseguards with a separate Residents Parking Zone

Previous consultations on residents parking schemes in Exeter