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Previous amendments to the Civil Parking Enforcement Order

Devon County Council (Traffic Regulation and On-Street Parking Places) Amendment Order 2021-2022

Over time discrepancies have come to light between what is marked on the ground and what is detailed within the Civil Parking Enforcement Traffic Regulation Order. An amendment order was advertised and has now been made and sealed to resolve these discrepancies.

Specific details of what was changed at each location can be found attached to the relevant plans linked below.


Sealed Orders

If a Penalty Charge Notice has been issued in error as a result of these discrepancies the county council wishes to address this and provide a refund for monies paid in error. If you believe you have been issued a refund in error in any of the locations shown on the plans then you can apply for a refund using the online form or by writing to Parking Services, Devon County Council, County Hall, PO Box 811, Exeter EX1 9WA enclosing details of the PCN.