Parking dispensation scheme

From 1 February 2020, the council is changing the issuing of contractor dispensations, these will now be virtual or digital permits removing the need for a paper permit to be displayed in the vehicle.

The permits will be known as temporary contractor permits or waivers. You can have them for one day or one week and revised charges will apply.

Please note we may not be able to accept applications for works due to commence on or after 1 February under the current system.

Dispensation permits give you permission to park in restricted areas across Devon, but not in Torbay or Plymouth as they operate their own schemes. This would usually be to carry out work at a property where it is essential to park close to the property to do the work, and where there will be minimal impact on other road users, pedestrians and local businesses.

Professional removal vans are exempt, so don’t need a dispensation to park on yellow lines for loading and unloading, unless there is a prohibition of loading in place.

Emergency situations involving gas, electric, water, sewerage, roofing or building collapse are also exempt as they are unplanned events. If you do receive a parking fine, you should challenge its issue and provide supporting evidence of the repairs undertaken. The Council will then consider whether the parking fine should be cancelled or not, based on all the evidence available.

Wedding and funeral cars are exempt for the service, but any private cars attending a service are not.

There are three dispensation permit types available to businesses, contractors or landlords:

  • annual dispensation permits
  • dispensation short stay permits
  • daily dispensation notice permits.

For annual permits and short stay permit books, you must first register your details with the Council (see How to register, below).

Daily dispensations can be applied for without pre registering at or by calling 0345 155 1004. Dispensations are not valid at your business or home address.

Customers needing a daily dispensation for any upcoming works must apply at least two working days before the date and time the work is due to start. Any less and we cannot guarantee that your application will be considered and emailed back to you for printing before you start your working day.
Applications made or received at the office outside of normal office hours will not be considered until the start of the next working day. We aim to get dispensation requests approved and emailed to you within 24 hours of submission. We cannot issue dispensations for the same day. If your application is not approved, you will be notified and the fee paid refunded to you.

A £5 fee will apply for daily dispensation notices. Any unsuccessful applications will be notified by email and payments refunded.

How to register

Before you can purchase dispensation annual or short stay permits you must register so that we can confirm eligibility. There is no need to register for dispensation notice permits.

Contractors: If you are a contractor applying for an annual permit or short stay permits please complete this contractor registration form and read the terms and conditions.

Landlords and letting agents: If you are a landlord or letting agent applying for an annual permit or short stay permits please complete this landlord and letting agents registration form and read the terms and conditions.

How to apply

Once your registration has been confirmed you can apply for a dispensation annual or short stay permits. You can also apply for a dispensation notice permit without registration. Apply for dispensation permits online or by phoning 0345 155 1004.

Before you apply, read our guide to parking dispensations.