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Exemptions for care and health workers

A new care and health worker parking permit is available to assist key care workers deliver essential care, enabling and support services or health care services to residents who need long or short-term care to continue living in their own homes and need specialist help from others to do so.

Please note, our care and health worker permits can only be used on Devon County Council’s road network.  Our permits are not valid if used on roads in the Torbay Council area, Plymouth City area or outside of the county of Devon.

This permit is intended for use by carers who visit multiple client or patient’s home addresses for 3 hours or less during their typical working day.   The permit is comprised of two parts, a digital e-permit which is valid for a year and a time clock permit to be displayed and set to show the time of arrival at the address.

Residents who live in a resident permit only zone and rely on family and friends, or employ a personal assistant for help and care needs to continue living independently can apply for an essential visitor permit for their address.  Our parking permits webpage has details of all permits available to residents in resident only parking areas.

Do I qualify for a permit?

You may be entitled to a care and health worker parking permit if you are one of the following and are delivering essential support to clients or patients living in their own homes and each visits typically last less than 3 hours:

  • care workers
  • social workers
  • occupational therapists 
  • independent living advisors 
  • personal assistants working in social care  
  • Devon Carers’ staff 
  • all qualified medical practitioners, chiropodists, occupational therapists and opticians providing home visit, medical care or treatments

If you are a care worker working in a care home, supported living house, sheltered housing or nursing home, you cannot use this permit to park nearby whilst on duty even if you sometimes work in other houses on different days of the week.

Where am I allowed to park with this permit?

Whilst displaying a care and health worker permit, you may use your permit to park for free and for as long as your client/patients scheduled visit lasts (up to 3 hours) when:

  • parked on street in areas of limited waiting
  • parked on street in resident permit holder bays
  • using on street pay & display spaces (but not car parks)
  • using a combination of any of the above.

You may also use it to park for up to 3 hours on most single or double yellow lines if all the parking spaces on the street are taken, or none exist near your client’s address.

You are responsible for ensuring that you park where your vehicle will not obstruct any other vehicles using that road or be a danger to pedestrians.  You should never park on a footpath or verge or near the brow of a hill or near a junction, or on any zig-zag markings as you may reduce visibility for others and endanger their safety.

How do I apply for a permit?

If you are employed by an organisation, NHS trust or company and work as part of a team, your employer/manager is the person responsible for applying for your permit and issuing it to you. Not you. Please direct your line manager or employer to read the information on this webpage and if appropriate submit an application.

Managers or owners, please complete this online registration form to have an account set up for your service, company or team.  Please don’t just state Devon County Council, or NHS in the company name please fill out the form in full and state your actual service or team name.  Help us to identify your team account.  It may prove vital to any later enquiries you send us.  Your organisation or company may have more than one account set up with us all sharing the same postcode.

Once notified of your account being set up and in receipt of time clocks you can then register and issue care and health worker e-permits to your team.  You or your nominated staff member will be responsible for managing your team’s register, issuing, updating, and renewing your team’s permits and ensuring that your staff use their permits responsibly and honestly.

If you are a personal care assistant (PA) directly employed by a client or are a qualified sole practitioner whose business makes home visits to treat patients as stated above and want to request a permit for your own use, please complete this online application form

Personal Assistants  must be registered on the PA Network, on Pinpoint before submitting your application.

All applications must be accompanied by two supporting evidence documents confirming how you meet the above criteria.

  • One about you and what you do; e.g, Certificate of Qualification, membership of professional body, letter head on business header paper, Companies House Registration.
  • The second about the vehicle registration on your application.

Please upload a copy of your current vehicle insurance certificate showing the registration number to be assigned to your permit(s). Formats accepted are jpg, png and pdf

How do I use the permit?

Care worker permits are issued digitally as e-permits that are valid for 12 months. These must be renewed annually.  You will be issued with a time clock to identify you as a care worker. You must set your time of arrival each time you park and clearly display the clock on your dashboard where it can be easily seen throughout the time you are parked at your client or patient’s home.

By using the reference number on the permit, with your car registration details we can confirm your permits validity and whereabouts through your manager if we need to.

Further information about using the time clock permit and where it is valid and where it is not to be used is printed on the back.  It is your responsibility to read and adhere to those conditions, and update your e-permit  details on the account if your car registration changes and to renew your permit annually.

You must not use your permit:

  • if you are not carrying out professional care and health worker duties in the home of a resident
  • to park in resident only spaces in privately run car parks or care homes or when you park in areas where other parking enforcements apply
  • in the County Hall car park or other DCC staff car park
  • for commuting to and attending meetings at your base office or any office working, even if this allows you easier access to your vehicle to go on home visits
  • for parking whilst out with your client/patient to attend an appointment or for other reasons, e.g. shopping, taking out to lunch or fresh air etc
  • for parking whilst collecting medicines or supplies or shopping on behalf of clients/patients, or on any personal business
  • outside or in nearby streets close to the address of the organisation to whom this permit was issued whilst on duty and not at a client address
  • in lieu of, or in addition to any resident parking scheme restrictions at the home of the permit user
  • to park for longer than 3 hours at any single address or road, or alter the arrival time on your clock  after 3 hours to extend your period of parking further.

How do I set up or manage my account?

Please see our attached guide for instructions on what happens after application and how to set up and manage your account easily and effectively. For any other frequently asked questions not answered in the guide, or for a fully accessible version in word, please email us at:

For IT support using MiPermit, please call MiPermit on 0345 520 7007 or email

How do I ask for more users or clock permits?

If you are an account manager or account member and your team have used up all of your clock permits or need more to replace damaged or lost clocks,  you can email us to request more.

Leavers or transfers should be returning their clocks to you for reuse by their replacement as per the instructions in our guide above.

When your account was set up, it was for the number of employees you told us you had on your application form.  If your team has now increased in size and you need that number raised please email us with the revised number and tell us how many more clocks to send you.   Please email us at

We can only answer questions about accounts from the account manager or account members.  If that person has left and not updated the team account, we will need you to tell us who the account was in the name of before we can action any changes.

COVID-19 measures for parking for key workers, pa’s or NHS staff and volunteers

All previous permit templates downloadable from our parking web pages by users ceased to be valid on 30 August 2020.    Only a correctly registered Care and Health Worker time clock permit issued by Devon County Council will be accepted to exempt the holder from the parking restrictions.

We also no longer recognise or accept the NHS COVID parking pass in any Devon County Council car park, nor in any on street parking spaces or bays.  After consultation with senior management, key stakeholders in social care and the NHS, and with their agreement there will be no additional measures put in place to aid key workers in the community, residential care and nursing homes. The care and health worker scheme should be sufficient to meet the needs of these individuals.

Further information and any future updates can be found on our coronavirus guidance web pages.


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