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Exemptions for care and health workers

Covid19 Measures for Parking for key workers, personal care assistants, or new NHS volunteers

To help key care and health workers who do not have our  Care & Health Timeclock permit yet to perform their duties both in the community and at key locations such as Hospitals, Clinics, Doctor Surgeries and residential care or nursing homes we are further extending our temporary permits scheme for you to use.

If you are directly employed by a private company or a self-employed personal care assistant you can use the Contracted Key Worker permit.

NHS medical staff and key volunteers should use the NHS key worker permit, and social care and support service teams the Social care key worker permit.

Download and print off the template which best fits with who you directly work for or care service you are representing.   Please park responsibly when using this permit.

The temporary key worker permits issued by Devon County Council to provide support during the pandemic will continue to be honoured beyond the original expiry date of 30 June. At this stage, it is proposed to extend these until 30 August 2020. Further updates will be provided on our coronavirus guidance web pages.

Please continue to read on for details of our official health and care worker permit scheme and how to apply for one.


A new care and health worker parking permit has been introduced to assist key workers whilst delivering essential care, enabling and support services or health care services to residents who need long or short term care to continue living in their own homes and rely on specialist help from others to do so.

The scheme is a year-long pilot and recognises that in some communities parking can be difficult to find. Improving access to parking helps reduce the stress on these key staff who visit multiple clients during their shift and helps maximise time spent with clients rather than looking for a parking space.

Residents who rely on family, friends or personal assistants directly employed by them for regular support to continue living independently and live in a resident permit only zone can apply for an essential visitor permit. Our parking permits webpage has details of all permits available to residents in resident only parking areas.

Do I qualify for a permit?

You may be entitled to a care and health worker parking permit if you are one of the following and are delivering essential support to clients or patients living in their own homes: 

  • care workers
  • social workers
  • occupational therapists 
  • independent living advisors 
  • personal assistants in social care  
  • Devon Carers’ staff 
  • all qualified medical practitioners, chiropodists, occupational therapists and opticians all providing home visit medical care or treatments

This permit is intended only for use by those who do multiple site visit during a typical working day. If you are a care worker working in a care home, sheltered housing or nursing home you cannot use this permit to commute to your place of work and park nearby.

Where can I park with this permit?

Whilst displaying a care and health worker permit, you may park for free and for as long as your visit takes when:

• parked in areas of limited waiting
• parked in resident permit holder bays
• using on street pay & display spaces (but not car parks)
• using a combination of any of the above.

You may use it to park for up to 1 hour on most single or double yellow lines if all the parking spaces on the street are taken, or none exist near your client’s address.

You cannot park with this permit

• on yellow lines that also have kerb markings (no loading restrictions),
• in loading only bays, disabled bays, or bays for specified users, e.g. Dr’s, vet, car clubs,
• in any Council run or privately run car parks,
• in restricted or pedestrianised areas,
• on any white or yellow zigzags,
• on a bus stop or taxi rank,
• on private roads or in private allocated parking spaces,
• on or near the brow of hill or near a junction,
• where there is a ban on motor vehicles entering a road or area,
• on roads or car parks in Torbay or Plymouth,
• or in areas where other restrictions apply.

You are responsible for ensuring that you park where your vehicle will not obstruct any other vehicles using that road or be a danger to pedestrians.

How do I apply for a permit?

If you are a self-employed personal assistant or Social Care Personal Assistant you must be registered on the PA Network, on Pinpoint before submitting your application.

If you are a self-employed PA or qualified sole practitioner who makes home visits to treat patients as stated above and believe that you are entitled to use a care and health worker, complete this application form.

All applications must be accompanied by two supporting evidence documents confirming how you meet the above criteria.

One about you and what you do; e.g. – Certificate of Qualification, membership of professional body, letter head on business header paper, Companies House Registration.

The second about the vehicle registration on your application. Please upload a copy of your current vehicle insurance certificate/schedule showing the registration number to be assigned to your permit(s).
Formats accepted are jpg, png, and pdf.

If you are employed by an organisation, trust or company and work as part of a team of 10 or more employees, your manager is the person responsible for applying for the permit. He or she is required to create and maintain a register of employees who will receive a permit and ensure their staff use their permit responsibly and honestly.

If you are a small company of 10 employees or less please use the online application form and upload supporting documents as stated above for each permit user.

If you have more than 10 employees, please complete our online registration form to have an account set up for you to manage your care and health worker permits.

For any other questions regarding care and health worker scheme registration, please email

How do I use the permit?

Each successful application will receive a timeclock permit. You must set your time of arrival each time you park and clearly display it on your dashboard where it can be easily seen throughout the time you are parked at your client or patient’s home. Information about using the timeclock permit is printed on the back. It is your responsibility to read and adhere to those conditions.

By using the reference number on the permit, and your car registration details we can confirm your whereabouts through your manager if we need to.

Your permit should not be used:

• if you are not carrying out professional care and health worker duties in the home of a resident,
• when you park in areas where other parking enforcements apply,
• in the County Hall car park or other DCC staff car parks,
• for commuting to and attending meetings at your base office or any office working, even if this allows you easier access to your vehicle to go on home visits,
• for parking whilst out with your client/patient to attend an appointment or for other reasons, e.g. shopping, lunch etc,
• for parking whilst collecting medicines or supplies or shopping on behalf of clients/patients, or on any personal business.

Can I still use my old permit that I printed off?

The previous template permit will continue to be recognised by enforcement staff when used in a marked parking space, e.g. resident only, limited waiting or pay and display until the 30th June 2020.

Useful information

Find out if you qualify for a permit, and where you can park with this new permit