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Exemptions for care and health workers

Covid19 Measures for Parking for key workers, personal care assistants, or new NHS volunteers

In order to respond to the challenges presented by Covid19 we will work to remove all barriers to health and care workers performing their duties, both in the community and at key locations such as Hospitals and Doctors Surgeries.

We have relaunched a downloadable permit to help you. Whilst this does not permit parking on single or double yellow lines, it does allow parking within areas of residents parking, limited waiting, and Pay & Display for free for as long as you need whilst on duty.

Please download and print off the template which best fits with which service or care service you are representing.

If you are directly employed by a private care company or a self-employed personal care assistant you should use the Contracted Key Worker permit. NHS volunteers and medical staff should use the NHS key worker permit, and social care and support service teams the Social care key worker permit.

Complete the required details and display on your vehicle’s dashboard whilst on duty nearby.

In the unlikely event that you are issued with a penalty charge notice when using a permit in a parking space, this will be waived at appeal upon confirmation that you are a key care or health worker. Please do park legally and safely wherever possible.


The way that you apply for a permit is changing from Monday 16 December 2019

A care and health worker parking permit has been introduced to allow care and health workers to park safely when carrying out their duties at the homes of their clients. Permits are only issued to care and health workers to park their cars when making home visits to their patients/clients for care or medical related purposes within Devon County Council boundaries.

Holders of the improved permit will additionally be allowed to park on yellow lines for up to an hour – but only if there is no other parking available, if they are making a home visit, the permit is clearly displayed and the vehicle is not causing an obstruction.

Better access to parking helps reduce the stress on staff and maximises the individual’s time spent with their client. The parking permit enables the staff to be more time efficient. 

Do I qualify for a permit?

You are entitled to a care and health worker parking permit if you are one of the following and are delivering essential support to people living in their own homes: 

  • care workers
  • social workers
  • occupational therapists 
  • independent living advisors 
  • personal assistants in social care  
  • Devon Carers’ staff 
  • all qualified medical practitioners, chiropodists, occupational therapists and opticians all providing medical care or treatment 
  • voluntary workers delivering essential support to people in the client or patient’s home. 

These exemptions apply to these care and health workers, only when delivering essential support to people when carrying out their duties at the homes of their clients.

If you are a care worker working in a care home, sheltered housing or nursing home you cannot use this permit to commute to your place of work and park nearby.

For those reliant on family or friends or personal assistants for regular support at home to continue to live independently we offer an essential visitor permit. Please refer to the information on our parking permits webpage relating to the other type of permits available to residents in a resident permit holder only zone.

How do I apply for a permit?

A care provider manager must apply for a care and health worker permit and must co-ordinate the registrationusing their business address. The manager, owner or designated person will complete a registration form and will be required to create and maintain a register of their employees who receive a permit.

Each successful application will be issued with a new time-clock permit that managers or company care co-ordinators will distribute to eligible team members. This must be displayed in their vehicle when undertaking a home care visit with a client on behalf of that organisation.

Once registration is complete, expect to hear back within 7-14 days and then the permit will be posted to the organisation’s business address supplied. 

The manager will need to re-allocate the permit via the online system when a member of staff leaves. 

The permits will last one year, an automatic email prompt will be sent to renew the permit.


Devon County Council’s Traffic Management Team will contact care companies, agencies and organisations with staff who could be eligible for the permit directly from Monday 16 December and into the New Year.


For specific questions regarding care and health worker scheme registration, please email


Why can’t I apply for my own permit?

Your manager is accountable for the application and use of the permit. They must know who will be using the permits and that those who represent their organisation are using the permit responsibly and with honesty.  

A separate process to allow eligible sole practitioners (who are not employed by a care agency or an organisation) to apply will be phased in during early 2020. Sole practitioners providing care and support to Devon clients in their homes, including Social Care Personal Assistants who are registered on the PA Network, should email to register their interest.


Can I still use my old permit that I printed off in 2019?

Yes, please continue to display the printed 2019 permit until your manager issues your new permit in the form of a time-clock. The old permits will be phased out in early 2020.


Why has the process to apply for a permit changed?

In October 2018, we ran a survey and asked for your feedback on the previous parking permit scheme. The responses we received have helped inform this new care and health worker permit parking scheme.  89 per cent of respondents agreed that including yellow lines in the scheme would make their jobs easier and 80 per cent said it would help them care for their clients. Almost 65 per cent said it would help them manage stress and most said that parking near their clients’ homes would help them feel safer if they were working alone.

We understand that previously, it was difficult or inappropriate for you to display your company logo, contact name and telephone number in your car window. It can be stressful to find parking, especially when you need to get on with the job you are there to do. 

With the new permit system, we can monitor how many permits are being issued and used across Devon. By using the reference number on the permit, we can confirm your whereabouts through your manager, should we wish to make contact. These exemptions mean that visits can be completed efficiently, in turn reducing care costs. 

The improved scheme is being launched initially as a year-long pilot and the changes are in recognition that in some communities parking can be difficult to find and can add to the stress of an already demanding job.


Where can I park with this permit?

While displaying a care and health worker permit, you may park for free and without time restrictions when:

  • in areas of limited waiting
  • in resident permit holder bays
  • using street pay & display spaces (but not car parks)
  • using a combination of any of the above.

The permit also allows you to park for up to 1 hour on single or double yellow lines except:

  • when there is an alternative parking space available close by
  • there is a ban on loading/unloading indicated by yellow kerb blips.

In this instance, you must be parked safely. Your car should not be causing any obstruction or blocking road access. Your car must not pose any danger to other road users or pedestrians.

Can the permit be used anywhere?

No, unfortunately there are some restrictions to where you can use the permit. The permit cannot be used: 

  • on yellow lines with kerb markings (loading restrictions)
  • in areas where other restrictions apply such as in loading only or disabled bays
  • in any car parks owned and operated by district, borough or city councils, or private operators (off-street pay & display car parks)
  • in Devon County Council’s County Hall car park or other DCC staff car parks
  • for attending meetings or office working, even if this allows you easier access to your vehicle to go on home visits
  • by care workers in residential, sheltered or nursing homes who do not work peripatetically
  • for parking whilst out with your client/patient to attend an appointment or for other reasons, e.g. shopping, lunch etc.
  • where your vehicle would obstruct the highway or pavement and could pose a danger to other road users or pedestrians.

The permit does not entitle to park your vehicle that would obstruct the highway or pavement and could pose a danger to others or in areas where other restrictions apply such as 

  • in restricted or pedestrianised areas
  • on any white or yellow zig-zags
  • on a bus stop or taxi rank
  • on private roads or in private allocated parking spaces
  • on or near the brow of hill or junction
  • where there is a ban on motor vehicles entering a road or area.

Permits are only valid within Devon and not valid for use across Torbay or Plymouth or other counties. Under no circumstances may the permit be used by a non-healthcare professional or for private purposes.

The permit is not currently recognised by our neighbouring authorities, Torbay and Plymouth.  Torbay operates a Healthcare Emergency Badge scheme of its own.

How do I use the permit?

Each successful application will be issued with a new time-clock permit that managers or company care co-ordinators will distribute to eligible team members. This must be displayed in the vehicle when undertaking a home care visit with a client on behalf of that organisation.

You must set your time of arrival on the time-clock provided. 

Clearly display the time-clock on your dashboard of your vehicle in a position that can be easily seen by a civil enforcement officer. 


When would a Penalty Charge Notice apply?

You may get a parking ticket (Penalty Charge Notice) if:

  • you are not carrying out professional care and health worker duties in the home of a resident
  • you park in areas where other parking enforcements apply
  • the Civil Enforcement Officer (traffic warden) is unable to see the permit or if it is unclear which residential property you are visiting.


How do I appeal a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)?

Should you receive a PCN but believe you were using your permit correctly, you can go through the appeal process to explain the situation to our Parking Services Team.  With your appeal, enclose a copy of your scheduled visits for the date in question or a supporting statement from a line manager. Do not make a payment at this point. Follow the informal challenge route and wait for a decision from parking services 

For more information, please visit see and challenge a ticket‘.

If it is suspected that someone is misusing the permit, a penalty charge notice may be issued, and the permit may be withdrawn.

If you have any parking queries email


Useful information

Find out if you qualify for a permit, and where you can park with this new permit