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Appeal a Blue Badge decision

If you have applied for a Blue Badge and have been unsuccessful you can submit an appeal using the following Blue Badge appeal form. An appeal must be submitted within 28 days of the date you were notified that your application was unsuccessful.

In order for your appeal to be considered it is important that you provide recent, relevant additional medical evidence that was not assessed as part of your original application.

This evidence could include details of medication that you are taking, copies of medical documents and letters received from medical professionals following recent consultation.

If you are unable to provide additional evidence a review is unlikely to change the original decision.

Blue Badge applications are assessed using guidelines from the Department for Transport. The aim of the scheme is to help people with severe mobility problems to access goods and services by allowing them to park close to their destination.

Blue Badges cannot be issued for temporary conditions; the disability must be expected to last at least 3 years and Badges cannot be issued to people solely on the basis of their age.

If you have applied because of your inability to walk, other considerations such as difficulty carrying shopping or that you need a wider parking space in order to get out of your car, cannot be taken into account. This is because the Blue Badge scheme is an on-street parking scheme only and has never covered off-street parking areas.

Medical conditions

Medical conditions such as asthma, autism, psychological/behavioural problems, Crohn’s disease/incontinent conditions, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) are not in themselves qualifications for a Badge.

People with these conditions may be eligible for a badge but only if they receive Higher Rate Mobility DLA or meet 8 points in the Moving Around activity of Personal Independence Payment, or have very considerable difficulty in walking.

Eligibility for a badge is based on having a permanent and substantial disability which means you are unable to walk or have very considerable difficulty walking, not on the presence or absence of any particular diagnosis or condition.

If you have recently had a major operation or illness, for example, a stroke, you may need a recovery period before you can be assessed for a Blue Badge to see whether your condition may improve. This could be from 3 to 6 months depending on your individual circumstances.