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Information for contractors

Contractor declaration

If you have been engaged to construct a vehicle crossing or access ramp, ensure you have been given our site-specific specification by your client which will show the relevant VC reference number and construction specification.

Before completing the declaration, check to make sure there are no other roadworks taking place which will clash with your proposed work dates. Please also make sure you have read our specification before constructing any vehicle crossing/access ramp.

  • In most cases, you only need to provide 15 working days’ notice. However, if you require a road closure to construct the vehicle crossing/access ramp, you will need to provide 3 months’ notice and complete a separate application. The application will cost £300 for a closure of up to 5 days and £800 for a closure of more than 5 days. Full details can be found at Temporary traffic restrictions.

The maximum work duration we accept is 5 days, if you require more, please contact us to discuss.

If you require a date change, please note there is a fee of £60.

Make sure you have read our terms and conditions, and you are aware of our random checks process.

Please complete this declaration form, which is an editable PDF so you can simply type in your details, save the PDF, and email it back to us at

Once we have approved the application, we will send you the licence. You must not carry out any work until you have received the licence.