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The application process

Before you apply

Before you proceed to the application part of the process, you must check the following conditions are met;

1. Do you require planning permission?

You must check with your local district council to find out if planning permission is required.  For more information about planning permission please see the government Planning Portal website.

2. Do you have enough room to fit a standard vehicle without overhanging the footway?

There must be room for a standard sized vehicle so that it does not overhang the footway. A clear minimum of 5m depth and 2.7m width is required. The type of vehicle you own will not be taken into account. There is no set maximum depth or width but each site will be assessed for safety, feasibility, and the potential impact on local parking.

3. Is the site clear of any parking restrictions such as parking bays or bus stops?

 It may be possible to amend restrictions, but the process can cost £3,000 and will cause long delays to the application process.

4. Is the site clear of street furniture such as road signs, streetlights etc?

It may be possible to move the street furniture, but it can cost up to £3,000 and will cause delays to the application process.

5. Are there any utility covers in the vicinity of the dropped kerb?

If there are, you will need to contact the utility company to arrange for it to be removed or modified. Utility companies usually charge for this.

6. Are there any trees on the footway or verge in the vicinity?

If a tree is present we may be unable to approve the vehicle crossing; each case will be considered individually.

7. Is your proposed site far enough away from the nearest junction?

You need to be 15m from an A, B or C road or 10m from a minor road.

8. Is there good visibility?

Walls, hedges or other obstructions may mean that we are unable to approve the vehicle crossing.


You must now appoint a contractor to carry out the works.   Construction pricing varies depending on the contractor you choose and the specification of the crossing required but will probably cost somewhere between £1,500 and £3,000. If you are unsure, we suggest using the Buy with Confidence scheme.

Once you have employed a contractor, please instruct them to complete our application form below.

We carry out random inspections both during and after construction to ensure the work is carried out satisfactorily. The work is subject to a 2 year maintenance period for which you will be liable.

You must not do any work before you apply for a licence.

If you construct a vehicle crossing or access ramp without a licence, you will have to apply for a licence afterwards or reinstate the footway to its original condition.

Apply for a vehicle crossing or access ramp