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The application process

Before applying for a vehicle crossing or access ramp, please familiarise yourself with our process, and what happens if things go wrong.


  1. Please complete the application form.
  2. We will contact you to take the initial fee of £75 (this is non-refundable even if your proposal is not considered suitable or safe) and one of our officers will then carry out a site safety assessment.
  3. If your proposal is approved, we will contact you again to take the remaining £185 fee.
  4. We will send you the construction specification. Please contact a reputable contractor with the appropriate qualifications to dTrading Standards Approved - Buy with Confidence logoo the work and pass the construction specification document to them. You should ask them to read our information for contractors and complete and return the declaration. Once that declaration is received, a licence can be issued.  We suggest using the Buy With Confidence scheme
  5. You have 6 months from the date of the site safety assessment to complete your vehicle crossing or access ramp construction.
  6. We carry out random inspections both during and after construction to ensure the work is carried out satisfactorily. More information is available in our Information for contractors document.
  7. The work is subject to a 2 year maintenance period for which you will be liable.

You must not do any work before you apply for a licence.

If you construct a vehicle crossing or access ramp without a licence, you will have to apply for a licence afterwards or reinstate the footway to its original condition.

For more detailed information regarding the process please see our frequently asked questions.

You may also incur other charges:

  • Neighbourhood highway officer’s site visit fee: £75.
  • Core sample and report to check that the construction meets our specifications: £173.
  • Notice to cease if you are crossing a kerb which has not been dropped to access your property: £22.
  • If you want to be invoiced for any of these charges there will be an invoice cost of £8.
  • If you have to reinstate the footway to its original condition you will need to apply for a Section 171 (excavation) licence which costs £270. You will also then need to pay for the work.

Before you apply

Please ensure you have read our 10 point checklist are clear about whether you should apply for a vehicle crossing or an access ramp. The picture below on the left is a vehicle crossing and the picture on the right is an access ramp which provides access for wheelchairs and mobility scooters only.

A vehicle crossing     An access ramp

Please note that due to high demand it could take us up to 6 weeks to contact you in order to take the first payment for your vehicle crossing, once we have processed your application.

We are trialling a new process in the Teignbridge area, please apply as normal and we will be in touch with further details.

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