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The work/location

The following information will be required in relation to the works;

  • Clear description of the nature of the work and why the use of the public highway is required.  Please provide details of:
    – What type of materials are being stored on site
    – The existing road width and what the road will be reduced to once materials are on site
  • Traffic management
  • Location of the work:
    – A clear description of the location of the proposed works, including a postcode and where on the public highway it is situated. For example, verge, footway, road.
  • Grid reference
  • Plan of location with dimensions, traffic management and proposed use. Please note the maximum file size is 15mb.
    – You may attach a copy of the sketch plan approved by the planning office
  • Proposed start and end date:
    – Please allow 20 working days’ notice for applications which are 1-10 calendar days’ (Standard)
    – A minimum of 3 months’ notice is required for applications which are 11+ calendar days’ (Major)
    – If you make the request with fewer than 20 working days’ notice, we may still grant the licence, but only for a genuine emergency which endangers life or is a risk to property.
    – Please note there is a fee for date changes