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Chairs on the highway (social distancing/queuing)

We understand that, as lockdown restrictions are eased, businesses may have a need for chairs to be placed outside of their premises to assist with social distancing and queueing. There is no need to apply for a licence to place chairs outside of your premises, however Devon County Council will liaise with business owners/occupiers when;

– There are more than 4 chairs or there are other items placed on the highway. A licence will be required (link to street cafĂ©)
– The chairs do not allow a minimum width of passage of 1500mm
– The chairs extend more than 450mm from the shop frontage
– The chairs force pedestrians into the road, either directly or because of the number of pedestrians

If the chairs are causing a considerable obstruction, or are deemed to be a safety concern, business owners will be asked to remove them.

Please see our A board information for further information.