Special events

Temporary Traffic Orders for events

You can apply for a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) if restrictions are needed to:

  • allow an event to be held
  • enable members of the public to watch the event
  • reduce the disruption to traffic likely to be caused by the event.

If your event involves closing roads, making roads one-way or suspending parking you must apply for a TTRO at least three months in advance.


Table showing charges for temporary road closures for events

If you need cones or signs, these will need to be arranged via a third party contractor. Only a suitable insured and trained person may place signs or cones on the highway.

A charitable or community event is:

  • an event organised by a registered charity where all proceeds from the event go to that charity
  • an event organised by a local community or group which is not a registered charity where all proceeds go to a charity or the local community.

See the main special events page for details of how to apply