Maintaining roads

Trip hazards and manhole covers

Trip hazards include:

  • uneven or broken flags, blocks or paving stones
  • dislodged or damaged kerbs, channels or edgings
  • damaged steps.

We will:

  • take action on safety defects when there is a vertical deviation of more than 20mm from the adjacent surrounding area
  • record the problem
  • carry out a permanent repair within seven days.

Broken manhole covers

A missing, broken or slippery cover within the highway is a safety defect. A rocking cover is a safety defect if the rocking is greater than 40mm on a road and 20mm on a pavement or cycleway.

We will record the defect and put signs and cones around it. Then:

  • if the cover is our responsibility, we will repair, replace or adjust it within seven days
  • if the cover is the responsibility of a statutory undertaker – usually a utility company – we will issue them with a defective ironwork notice. It is then their responsibility to ensure that all repairs are made.

Report a trip hazard or broken manhole cover

When reporting a broken manhole cover, if you can, tell us:

  • where the cover is – is it outside a business, property or notable feature?
  • where in the carriageway is the cover – is it on the road, pavement or verge?
  • what is wrong with the cover – is it missing, broken or slippery?
  • what shape is the cover – is it square, rectangle, triangle, circle?
  • is there any information on the cover which says who owns it – does it say water or sewer?