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How can I appeal if my claim is turned down?

There is no internal appeal system.  As it is a legal claim, you will either need to take independent legal advice or progress through the court system.

I have damaged my vehicle but cannot afford to carry out the works. I have sent you an estimate, when will i receive my money?

Whilst we can receive estimates at the initial investigation stage of your claim, if your claim is successful you will need to get the repair work completed and submit a receipt/invoice before monies are received.  Devon County Council are not able to pay out on an estimate only.

How do I obtain a reference number for my claim?

In order to obtain a reference number, you need to report the issue on our Report a Problem page.  Once this has been reported, a reference number will be generated which can then be added to your claim form.

I have sent in a letter concerning the incident, together with a receipt. Why have I not heard anything about my claim?

Sending a letter and receipt will delay your claim as we will need to check that you have reported the defect and then send you a claim form to complete.